M. Pantj

I am very exited with the excellent and professional work that invest loan plus and there staff had and continue doing for me. In a short period of time they help me improved my credit score from 420 to 700 making possible to finally help me get my dream home.The incredible dedication and hard work on the process from invest loan plus , encourage my trust and confidence that for the first time I am in good hands to make my dream come true.  As a resident of Massachusetts I can thank you and your staff for the extraordinary work done and hoping that others can benefit from you’re excellent services as well. Thank you Invest Loans Plus and Staff. Sincerely,

B. Johnson, NC

My experience with Investor Loans Plus was a PLUS! I had been turned down for a home loan because of my credit history by banks time after time.  I went to Investor Loans Plus for their help. The staff was very knowledgeable about the kind of help that I needed to get approved for my first home purchase. They gave me direct attention from start to finish. Their service was very fast and I didn’t have to wait months to be approved for a home loan. Thanks to Investor Loans Plus staff for helping me to be able to make my dream home purchase a reality.

C. Thomas

Big thanks for helping me buy my First Fix and Flip House in Tennessee! I received guidance and great direction on how to keep focus on our goals, excellent communication and follow-ups with the other team members.  Extremely satisfied with your services and will be doing future deals soon!